Computer stolen ? 1 in 10 computer is stolen in its first three years lifespan
Only 3 in 100 are found back !

What are you waiting for ? Protect yourself !
MTPROTECT® : Antitheft Software Our software, MTPROTECT®, designed to ensure the best security, unbreakable, discreet, reliable. Upper class from the existing, because it RESISTS :
  • Formatting
  • Changing a component ( hard drive, CPU…)
  • Re installing Microsoft windows® or other (Linux, Ubuntu)…
Find the thieves Each year in the USA:
  • 2,180,000 Burglaries
  • Over 40% of computer thefts take place at home
  • 1,800,000 computers stolen every year

Business Offer Our offer is designed for professional networks:
Whatever your size, ask for:
  • Companies, Small enterprises, Consultants
  • Municipalities, States
  • High Schools, Universities and Museums
  • Mobile or fixed fleet
  • Sensitive data
QUOTE company, business

Lock My PC with the Antitheft software MTPROTECT®.
Ensure your computer security in case of loss or theft.


General Public from 10$/Year,
Company on estimate.

Because your personal computer safety is crucial.


Laptop Anti Theft: the best way to retrieve your stolen computer !

Directly dealing with cops,
Increase your chance to success.


Find your home/office computer thanks to MTPROTECT® software.

Invisible computer security. You know the software is inside, you don't worry about anything.

A software for Microsoft Windows® Operating System

MTPROTECT® is Windows® 8 Compatible, Compatible with Windows® 7, Certified for Windows Vista® and Designed for Windows XP®
Windows is all about making your life easier. To make it easy, Microsoft recommends “Compatible with Windows” applications because they have passed Microsoft-designed tests to help ensure they install readily every time and minimize the number of crashes, hangs, and restarts you experience. This all helps ensure a compatible and reliable experience with any edition of Windows including 64 bit.

Lock My PC

Secure your computer with the innovative antitheft software MTPROTECT®.Let's select your offer.
You will be redirected to our secure payment interface to purchase one or more licenses. Create your account, validate the payment. Download our software and enjoy an instant protection !

Companies Anti-Theft Protection

Dedicated to your network equipment, take benefits from our Business offer, protect your office computers.
Because your computer contents value couldn't be estimated, lock your data and information, as your co-workers and employees, against theft or loss.

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